Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

I'm faced with a pretty big dilemma right now. What to do with my life. To recap I am 24, living with my ex (not too happy with that) in Braddock which is 30 minutes outside PGH and 4 hrs away from my family. I have almost $21,000 in student loan debt and am 1 semester away from a degree but would have to finish it at Cal U, which is about an hour away.

I am considering moving to Baltimore when the lease is up here. I know for a fact that I no longer want to live with Ankur. My life path is completely open to me right now.

So do I stay here-
-or do I go here- ?

Pros/Cons in no particular order:
I feel like I'm finally starting to fit in and make friends in this city.

I miss my family a lot and would love to be closer.

Baltimore has a kick ass derby team.

Pittsburgh has a kick ass derby team that I know and love.

I FINALLY got a good work schedule and have things set there.

I work as a server at a Denny's! I can do better than that? Do I want to? (another blog post?)

I always have the option to finish my degree here.

I love my Hellions.

Pittsburgh is the most livable city in America.

Baltimore has crazy high rent!

Well, those are actually in a most important to least important kinda order. I am such a natural organizer.

I wish I could give some closure to this blog and have some sort of answer, but I'm completely lost. I'm gonna talk to the 'rents during my vaca and see whats up. More on the 10 o'clock news!

P.S. Keep this a secret cause I haven't told many people! ;)

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