Saturday, December 13, 2008



Why am I exhausted? Nightmares. Nightmares about roller derby to be exact.

For instance, this morning I woke in the middle of a particularly nasty roller derby nightmare. It was a scrimmage practice, but it was open to the public. The travel team was scrimmaging itself and there were hundreds of people watching, except they weren't watching. They were all talking to each other. It got so loud that the entire team was distracted. I used my big mouth and screamed for everyone to shut up. Everyone did except these two guys. I skated over to them and asked them to be quiet so we could practice. The one guy stopped talking and said something to me along the lines of, we'll stop talking when we are done our conversation. I then sat next to them and said well we won't start again until you two are done. At that point half the team left practice and it was just chaos.

I really don't remember much after that, but I woke feeling very anxious and was super tired the whole day at work, I still am. I have to stay awake because we have a hellions get together in an hour. I'm sure it's just nerves because we have having elections and I'm running for captain.

I'm sure some of the tiredness is from not eating right. The other day I ate an entire medium buffalo chicken pizza from Pizza Hut. That's at least 800 calories, not to mention all the Denny's food that I eat. I'm a stress eater and my life has had the stress dial turned up. When I stress about work or derby all I want is a big fat juicy bacon cheeseburger and fries. Just like I had today. My work worries will be another post.

Hopefully tonight will be a good nights rest.

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The Purple Pinkie said...

Well, I thought you would have made the ULTIMATE captain of the Hellions. Their loss.